Willie Nelson is a longtime advocate of the use of marijuana, and now, the 81-year-old is launching his own line of marijuana, along with other related products, called, appropriately, Willie's Reserve.

"Well, you know, Willie has spent a lifetime in support of cannabis, both the industrial hemp side and the marijuana side," Michael Bowman, the new company's spokesperson, tells the Daily Beast. "He wants it to be something that’s reflective of his passion.

"Ultimately, it’s his," Bowman adds. "But it was developed by his family, and their focus on environmental and social issues, and in particular this crazy war on drugs, and trying to be a bright light amongst this trail as we’re trying to extract ourselves from the goo of prohibition."

In addition to Nelson's own line of marijuana, Willie's Reserve will allow other growers to sell as part of the brand as well.

"There will be our own, and then there will be opportunities for other growers, who meet quality standards," Bowman explains. "Let’s just call it the anti-Walmart model. Personally, internally, that’s what we call it. A certain standard by which growers have to account for carbon and such, in a way that empowers small growers who are doing the right thing."

Bowman says that the company plans to open stores in states such as Colorado, Washington and Alaska -- where marijuana is already legal -- while keeping an eye on other potential markets.

"Right now, we’ll focus on the states where legalization has occurred, and as new states open up, those opportunities will present themselves on a state-by-state basis," he notes. "Or until the feds do something!"

Nelson himself has faced multiple arrests for his drug use, but he remains adamant that all 50 states should allow the use of the substance.

“There’s a lot of money in selling marijuana," Nelson says. "If you can do it legally, that’s good. Why should all the criminals make the money? This is what people are thinking. If it’s happening, if it’s going to be legal, let’s tax it and regulate it, like we do with everything else, and make some money off this. I think that’s one reason why people are talking this a little more seriously.”

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