William Michael Morgan thought he might nab his first-ever CMA Awards nomination this year, and with good reason. The 24-year-old notched a Top 5 album with his debut disc, Vinyl, as well as a gold-selling, chart-topping debut single, "I Met a Girl." However, Morgan's name wasn't among 2017's CMA Awards nominees -- but he isn't discouraged in the least.

"We’re going to keep out here and keep doing our deal and keep doing our music, and we’re just going to let the music speak for itself," Morgan tells The Boot. "That’s what I believe in, letting the music speak for itself."

Morgan acknowledges that he's had so many good things happen to him, including the chance to tour with veteran performers Lee Brice and Justin Moore on their American Made Tour earlier this year, thus far in his career. His success, with or without awards or recognition, inspires him to keep reaching for bigger and better accomplishments.

"We always have goals. I’m always looking six months to a year in the future," he shares. "I’ve had a lot of dreams come true: I’ve had my first album, my first single, my first No. 1, my first time on the Opry. I’ve had a lot of milestones that meant so, so much to me. But I guess the next thing, the next step, is to get that next album out, to get the next single out, which is "Vinyl," and just move along, slowly but surely, in this crazy business."

Morgan reveals that he is working on his sophomore project in between his tour dates. Although he plans to take a bit of time off at the end of the year, the Mississippi native hopes 2018 is busier still. The father to one-year-old Presley, Morgan admits it's hard when his job keeps him away from her, but he isn't going to complain about it.

"It’s hard with anybody being out on the road or being gone for long periods of time, whatever you do," he says. "It ain’t nothing on the military -- I commend those people, the men and women that do that. It’s difficult, for sure, but you just make time -- as with everything -- you make time to FaceTime or call or even go see her."

The best part? Seeing how the fans respond to him every time he takes the stage.

"It’s just been unbelievable, the love that people give us," says Morgan. "I hope they feel it back, that we’re giving it back to them."

A list of all of Morgan's upcoming shows is available on his website.

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