Taylor Swift has a pair of songs on the upcoming 'Valentine's Day' movie soundtrack. She contributes the new song, 'Today Was a Fairytale,' which can be heard in a new featurette on the film, as well as 'Jump Then Fall,' which was first included on the 20-year-old's 'Fearless: Platinum Edition.'

Willie Nelson's 'Where You Live,' Jewel's 'Stay Here Forever' and Steel Magnolia's 'Keep on Lovin' You' are the other country songs appearing on the soundtrack, which is due in stores Feb. 9. Songs by Amy Winehouse ('Cupid'), Joss Stone ('4 and 20') and Maroon 5 ('The Way You Look Tonight') are also featured.

Taylor is making her feature film debut in 'Valentine's Day,' which also stars Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper, Anne Hathaway, Taylor Lautner, Jennifer Garner and Jamie Foxx, among others. The film is perfect for Taylor since she has said as a songwriter, she's drawn to relationships and love.

"It's interesting how you think that you're the only person going through something, and then you realize that there are millions of people who have -- that exact same way at that exact same time in their life -- and they've cried on their bathroom floor at the exact same time," says the singer. "And it's just so interesting to me that we are so drawn to love, and we can't stay away from it. It's a flame, and we cannot stay away."

'Valentine's Day' hits theaters nationwide Feb. 12, just in time for the day dedicated to love.