Tyler Farr has released a music video for his song "Better in Boots."

The clip opens with a Farr in a barn, and not soon after, a good-looking girl enters the picture wearing, you guessed it, cowboy boots. From there, the video focuses on Farr and his band, who are performing in the barn, with plenty of eye candy surrounding them. Other scenes in the music video include a girl owning it at archery, a cowboy practicing his skills with a lasso that's on fire, and a dance party inside of a silo. Press play above to watch the clip.

"Better in Boots" is the third single off of Farr's newest album, Suffer in Peace. The song was penned by Naomi Cooke, Justin Wilson and Dave Pittenger, and although Farr didn't write the tune, it is one that he says fits the style he has created for himself.

“It has to be something that I have lived. Or might live in the future — something that I could live,” he tells EW.com. “We try to pick songs that, as soon as I start singing and hit the first note, people can tell it’s Tyler Farr. I pride myself on that.”

"Better in Boots” is available for download on iTunes.

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