Tyler Farr has chosen "Better in Boots" as his next single. The song is the third to be released from his recent Suffer in Peace album.

With lines like, “We ain’t gotta worry ‘bout getting dirty / We can do whatever we want / Baby, put your Luccheses on / You know you want to / We got a full moon / And it’s Friday night / Really got me sure hooked / Dang, nothing ever looked better in boots,” the fun, uptempo song, written by Justin Wilson and Dave Pittenger, fits perfectly with Farr's sophomore record.

"I was more excited to make this second album because, from my freshman album to my sophomore album, the last year and a half, I’ve been able to grow so much as an artist and really hone in on who I am as an artist," Farr tells The Boot. "I think you just know yourself a lot better and know what you want to say.

"We know what we’re doing, and I know what I want to get across, and I felt more confident going into this album and more ability to really be me," he continues. "So I think what we came up with was an album that was definitely more me, and I think fans will be able to see that."

Although Farr didn't write "Better in Boots," it still resonates with him. The singer says that he'll only record songs that he personally relates to and understands.

“It has to be something that I have lived. Or might live in the future — something that I could live,” he tells EW.com. “We try to pick songs that, as soon as I start singing and hit the first note, people can tell it's Tyler Farr. I pride myself on that.”

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Listen to Tyler Farr, "Better in Boots":

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