East Nashville-based singer-songwriter Tristen is debuting her cover of the Eagles’ “Peaceful Easy Feeling” exclusively for readers of The Boot. Readers can press play below to hear the song, part of the Instant Love project.

Tristen first shared her vocally gorgeous take on the Eagles’ classic "Peaceful Easy Feeling" thanks to a request from a fan on Valentine’s Day. The suggestion to cover the song gave the artist a big dose of nostalgia.

“I flashed back to my dad playing this song for my mom in my childhood. I would sing the high harmony with him,” Tristen recalls to The Boot. “I always love when women cover songs remembered as being sung by men. I also see no need to change the pronouns. When you hear this song come through your speakers, I sing as a man to a woman, or a woman to a woman, or I can be something in between. It’s up to you.”

The Instant Love project features plenty of exactly what Tristen is talking about: female performers covering classic love songs that were originally recorded by men. Instant Records’ Richard Gottehrer and Allison Zatarain created the series, which launched on International Women's Day; new songs are being released bi-weekly.

“The definition of feminism is so often confused. People assume it’s women versus men; we too often adhere to the mentality of the warrior,” Tristen reflects. “Feminism is the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes -- by definition. Uplifting women does not shift the beauty or demean the men in our lives ... It does mean lifting women up to their rightful position as equal contributors to society and the human experience."

Fans can download Tristen's "Peaceful Easy Feeling" and learn more about the Instant Love project via Instant Records' website.

Listen to Tristen, "Peaceful Easy Feeling":

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