Her marriage to Garth Brooks made her an instant step-mom to three girls, and Trisha Yearwood jokes that her husband is darn lucky to have her around to help out with them. The angelic-voiced singer tells GAC that Brooks does a good job in handling his daughters' issues for the most part, but there are some things that only a woman can understand.

"Now we're getting to that teenage thing where it's the hormones," she says. "There are times when you are talking about what happened at soccer practice, and all of a sudden, someone bursts into tears for no reason at all. And that's when he will look at me and go, 'You're gonna have to take this one, 'cause I don't understand. I can't fix this one.' It's funny, because in a house full of women, there's just times when he's outnumbered and he just has to put up his hands and walk away."

Yearwood gushes about life at home with 15-year-old Taylor, 14-year-old August and 11-year-old Allie in her interview with The Boot. She says she feels "spoiled" because she's had such an easy time with the girls, when she knows the role of a step-mom is often tough for others.

"They are so sweet to me," she told us. "And they're smart and funny and cool. I really lucked out. Just to have these girls in the house who make you laugh -- they're hilarious! It's an added bonus to my life, and I never had a clue what it would be like. It's wonderful."