Sometimes together is better than apart, as the members of Trick Pony have learned. The trio, made up of Heidi Newfield, Ira Dean and Keith Burns, disbanded in 2006 to pursue solo interests, but have reunited for a new album and tour.

“You can’t go forward unless you’ve visited your past a little bit and go, ‘Let’s not do a repeat performance of that,’” Newfield tells Country Weekly. “We’ve done that, and we’re all in a really healthy mind space.”

While the band were on hiatus, the songstress released one solo album, 'What Am I Waiting For,' which included the hit single, 'Johnny and June.' Burns and Dean kept the band together another year, replacing Newfield with Aubrey Collins, before Burns began the duo Burns & Poe with Michelle Poe, and Dean signed a solo deal with Average Joe. But after each pursuing their own independent goals, they realized they had an undeniable chemistry together.

“After our first album as Trick Pony, I don’t feel like the music ever lived up to what we did live,” Burns explains. “Our new music that we are working on does that very thing. We have no doubt in our minds that we’re going to get up there onstage and blow those people away.”

Dean also worked on his songwriting craft, penning several songs for other artists, including Montgomery Gentry's 2009 Top 5 hit, 'One in Every Crowd.' But he says that while they've been busier than ever, the timing feels right to join forces again.

“It’s not like we took a hiatus,” he adds. “We just played in different bands. We never slowed down on the road.”

The threesome are working on a new set of tunes, which Dean will produce. They also plan on hitting the road later this year. Keep track of updates here.