trick pony

Country Music's Nastiest Breakups
Country artists have a reputation for penning lyrics that tell tough stories, but one of the hardest things that some stars have to go through isn't always covered in the biggest hits: band breakups.
Trick Pony Announce Reunion
Sometimes together is better than apart, as the members of Trick Pony have learned. The trio, made up of Heidi Newfield, Ira Dean and Keith Burns, disbanded in 2006 to pursue solo interests, but have reunited for a new album and tour.
Trick Pony Bassist Is Suing McDonald’s
Former Trick Pony member Ira Dean is mad at McDonald's. The musician believes the fast-food giant is using his image on its Big 'n' Tasty hamburger box. The box features a drawing of a man, arguably in Dean's likeness, playing the upright bass...