Travis Denning's breakout hit, "David Ashley Parker From Powder Springs," earned him a legion of fans and success at country radio. However, the singer says that his latest single, "After a Few," showcases who he is as a musician even better.

""David Ashley Parker ..." was -- I'm a songwriter at heart, and I love telling stories. I try to be as goofy and funny as possible at all points in my life. But really, I'm a huge lover of music," Denning clarifies, "and that's probably the first thing that I ever fell in love with, was just loving all kinds of music."

That's why "After a Few" has a rock edge, the singer goes on to say: It represents his love of a wide variety of music. "When I hear it, I hear my love for the Allman Brothers Band. I hear my love for AC/DC, Motörhead. And I hear my love for Halsey, Stevie Wonder, Ariana Grande, all this pop stuff. I was just kinda trying to take all that and put it in one song," Denning explains.

Denning didn't want to sacrifice his storytelling side -- he just wanted to expand on it. "I still wanna tell a story ... but I love to play guitar," he continues. "Here's my guitar-playing, and I was influenced by all this kind of music, so here's this melody that's probably different."

In fact, he concludes, fans should probably expect to hear more songs like "After a Few" rather than "David Ashley Parker ..." as he continues to release music. "I think "After a Few" is more indicative of what I wanna bring to the table throughout my whole career," he says.

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