Vinny broke his foot 3/4 of the way thru the show last night he finished the show but we had to go to the emergency room this morning .

Posted by Trailer Choir on Sunday, June 28, 2015

Talk about a high pain tolerance! Trailer Choir's “Big Vinny” Hickerson broke his foot onstage on Saturday (June 27), but he kept performing until the show was through. Then, he headed to the emergency room.

The band posted the above message on Facebook on Sunday (June 28), showing Hickerson's right leg wrapped up on a hospital bed. Apparently, the accident didn't happen until toward the end of the show, but it still shows just how tough the country artist is.

Hickerson and duo partner Marc "Butter" Fortney were performing at the inaugural Music on the Mulberry festival in Ozark, Ark., and they appear to have had a whole lot of fun despite the literal bad break.

"We had a blast last night at MUSIC ON THE MULBERRY," the duo writes on Facebook. They also included several photos -- and they're smiling in all of them, without a trace of pain on Hickerson's face.

Hickerson is used to being tough, though; after all, he shed an astonishing 184 pounds as a contestant on The Biggest Loser a few years ago, proving just how much grit and determination he's got. And since his time on the weight loss reality show, Hickerson has used what he learned for good: He's launched Music With a Mission, a unique way to help schools support music programs without the unhealthy bake sales or pizza fundraisers, and he is also passionate about motivational speaking.

Though Crystal Hoyt left Trailer Choir 2011 and the group went on hiatus in 2012, Hickerson and Fortney have been touring together as a duo since 2013.

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