Trailer Choir have released a music video for their newest single "Ice Cold Summer," which will appear on the group's upcoming album. Vincent "Bigg Vinny" Hickerson and Marc "Butter" Fortney co-wrote the track with Brandon Ray Tant and Scott Martin "Skidd" Mills, and its accompanying video is a perfect match for the summertime party track.

The "Ice Cold Summer" clip features just about everything anyone needs for a great summer day -- from pretty girls to taco trucks -- and it also features a couple of cameos! Keep an eye out for Bucky Covington and Butter's wife, Emily Robertson of Carter's Chord.

"This song is the most fun you can have in three minutes," Hickerson tells Taste of Country. "The video feels like Kenny Chesney had a backyard party with Smash Mouth and invited the Spice Girls."

After spending the last couple of years focusing on creating new material, Hickerson and Fortney are ready to introduce the world to a new Trailer Choir, and "Ice Cold Summer" was the perfect song for the job.

"We've primarily been focused on touring and writing new songs over the past two years," Hickerson says. "Out of about 50 songs that we wrote, we felt this one was the best to introduce the new Trailer Choir."

The duo's upcoming album -- their first since signing with Average Joes Entertainment in 2015 -- is set for release later this year. “Ice Cold Summer” is available for download on iTunes.

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