Tracy Lawrence is re-living some of his favorite parts of history with his upcoming new album, Good Ole Days. The 11-track record, which will be released on Nov. 17, has two new songs on it, but the rest are some of Lawrence's biggest hits, performed with both veteran and rising stars.

Good Ole Days features "everything from "Time Marches On" to "Paint Me a Birmingham" to "If the World Had a Front Porch,"" Lawrence recently shared with The Boot and other reporters; his duet partners include Jason Aldean, Tim McGraw, Luke Bryan, Justin Moore, Dustin Lynch, Easton Corbin, Kellie Pickler and Luke Combs. A complete track listing for the record is below.

It was Combs who turned out to be the biggest surprise for Lawrence. Although Combs' debut album, This One's for You, was released 26 years after Lawrence's debut album, 1991's Sticks and Stones -- and although the two got introduced as a joke -- Lawrence quickly became a fan of the rising star.

"I know that he was just coming off of a couple-week No. 1 ["Hurricane"], and I really wasn’t very familiar with him. About a week before, I actually got a call from [radio hosts] Big D and Bubba, and they were wanting to play a prank on Luke. And so, they got him on the speaker -- they got him on the line with both of us -- and I started telling him this big elaborate story about how I bought this chain of car washes from the bass player in the Restless Heart band. I was doing this big grand-opening on the hand-wash car washes and asked if he would come play my grand-opening at a car wash. And he just said, ‘Sure! I’ll be there! Just tell me when,'" Lawrence recalls. "So that was my introduction to Luke.

"I thought he was really cool, and then I found out what a huge fan of mine he was," continues Lawrence. "I thought he’d be a good addition to my album. He is a great talent. I did go and check out some of his music -- the kid’s got a great voice."

Overall, Lawrence is pleased with what each artist brought to Good Ole Days, and their contributions in making each song stand out.

"I don’t really have a lot of male-male duet songs; most of it’s got a girl. It’s heartbreak stuff and real traditional country stuff, so we had to make a few adjustments in the lyrics," shares Lawrence. "But you know, Easton Corbin on "Paint Me a Birmingham" almost blew me away. I like the kid’s voice a lot; it was really cool singing with him.

"There’s charm in all of them," Lawrence adds. "There’s some special moments."

Other artists appearing on Good Ole Days include Justin Moore, Dustin Lynch, Big & Rich and Chris Young; the record is available for pre-order on iTunes. A portion of the proceeds from the final track of Good Ole Days, "Finally Home," a duet with Craig Morgan, will be donated to Operation Finally Home, a national non-profit organization that provides mortgage-free, custom-built homes to wounded, ill and injured veterans or widows and widowers of the fallen.

Tracy Lawrence, Good Ole Days Track Listing:

1. “Time Marches On” feat. Tim McGraw
2. “Sticks and Stones” feat. Luke Bryan
3. “Alibis” feat. Justin Moore
4. “Can’t Break It to My Heart” feat. Jason Aldean
5. “Good Ole Days” feat. Brad Arnold and Big & Rich
6. “If the World Had a Front Porch” feat. Luke Combs
7. “Texas Tornado” feat. Dustin Lynch
8. “Stars Over Texas” feat. Kellie Pickler
9. ”If the Good Die Young” feat. Chris Young
10. ”Paint Me a Birmingham” feat. Easton Corbin
11. "Finally Home” feat. Craig Morgan

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