Luke Combs earned a No. 1 hit with his debut single, "Hurricane," from his freshman album, This One's for You. The song, like the rest of Combs' first record, was written before the singer-songwriter signed his record deal with Columbia Nashville. However, lines such as "The moon went hiding / Stars quit shining / Rain was dropping / Thunder and lightning / You wrecked my whole world when you came / And hit me like a hurricane," make it easy to understand why the label made it Combs' first single.

Combs wrote "Hurricane" with Thomas Archer and Taylor Phillips. Below, he tells The Boot how the song came to be.

I go through my day and pop stuff in and out of my phone whenever I have an idea. I had just thrown "hurricane" -- the word "hurricane" -- in my phone.

I was sitting down with my buddies I wrote it with, and one said, "Hey, man, I’m kind of going through this," or it was maybe when his friend was talking to him about [how] he had just broken up with this girl. I guess it was a Nashville thing -- and Nashville is a big small town -- he was like, "I want to go out, but I can’t see her out. I know I’m going to see her out. It might not be today. It might not be tomorrow. So I don’t go out as much. We should write something about that."

I was like, "I’ve got this title, "Hurricane." I have no idea how those two things could meet anywhere even close to in the middle." And so, we kind of just ran with that idea, and it worked out great.

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