The typical holiday weight gain came a little early this year for Tim McGraw, thanks to his role in the upcoming film, 'Four Christmases.' Playing opposite Hollywood heavyweights Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau as an amateur fighter, McGraw decided to give the part a dose of reality by gaining almost 25 pounds for his role.

"The funny thing about this movie was it was an amateur UFC Cage fighter, and you see 'em on TV and they're all cut and muscular," Tim told GAC. "But I thought this guy is a redneck amateur, so it's not gonna be guys that look like that that's back there doing it. So I thought I'll look like a strong guy, but a little overweight and kinda backyard, a having-a-few-beers-and-jump-in-the-cage sort of guy. And I show up and Favreau is a pretty big guy, and he had been working out like crazy, so he was all cut and svelte and everything else. So I show up and I'm the fat guy on the set."

'Four Christmases' all-star cast also includes Reese Witherspoon, Mary Steenburgern, Robert Duvall, Jon Voight, Dwight Yoakam and Sissy Spacek. The movie premieres Wednesday, November 26.

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