Tim McGrawKatie, the imaginary character from Tim McGraw's 'My Little Girl' book, is at it again, this time performing a selfless act of kindness in the new book, 'Love Your Heart.'

Tim once again teams with songwriter Tom Douglas, with whom he penned the first book, to tell children a story about Katie and her father. In this second offering, Katie wonders which of her talents she will use to win the school's talent show. She eventually settles on one that involves her dog, but then drops out of the contest to help a friend. The moral: kindness is the best talent of all.

Katie was introduced in 'My Little Girl,' which was released in 2008. That book won the Mom's Choice Award, which honors excellence in family-friendly media, products and services. 'My Little Girl' took readers on a delightful journey with Katie, her dad and their bloodhound. During the trip they learn that spending time together and sharing laughter and special moments with someone you love is more important than anything in the world.

'Love Your Heart' will be in bookstores and online shops on February 16.