Tim McGraw's performance of "Humble and Kind" at the 2016 CMA Awards was stunningly powerful and everything the newly crowned Song of the Year deserved.

Paying homage to the vibrant lyrics of "Humble and Kind," and to its music video's breathtaking images, McGraw took the stage solo, with no set decoration to distract from the clips of everyday human beings from all walks of life that were being projected behind him. Regardless of race, gender or cultural experience, "Humble and Kind" is about the power found in kindness and compassion in a world that sometimes seems broken.

Written by Lori McKenna, who took home the Song of the Year CMA for penning the song, "Humble and Kind" was written for McKenna's children, but when McGraw recorded the song, he was thinking of his sending his own daughter into the world as she left for college -- and what better way to share that sentiment than by bringing all those future generations to the stage? Towards the end of McGraw's performance, he was joined by dozens of teenagers donning black and carrying white candles, setting the stage perfectly aglow.

All in all, McGraw's 2016 CMA Awards performance was completely stunning in its simplicity, and the perfect tribute to a song that deserves all the acclaim it can get.

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