Just days after releasing "Humble and Kind" as his newest single, Tim McGraw has shared the song's official music video.

The clip, which readers can watch above, features stunning shots of human beings from all walks of life. The video was directed by Wes Edwards, but Oprah Winfrey had a special part in helping McGraw come up with the concept.

"I was running on the treadmill one morning, and I saw the Belief series of Oprah's that was coming on, and I saw the 30-second trailer of it, and I thought, 'That's it! That's the look that I want this video to have!'" McGraw tells Entertainment Tonight. "I made a few phone calls to a few friends, and she agreed to let us use the footage for the video."

When debuting the video on Facebook on Thursday afternoon (Jan. 21), McGraw noted that he "really wanted a video that showed the universality of the message of "Humble and Kind.""

“Humble and Kind” is the last song on McGraw’s newest album, Damn Country Music. It’s sung from the point of view of a parent sending their child into the world, and McGraw admits that he cried through every take: "I would try to get myself together, and I’d get halfway through it, and I would just start blubbering every time I’d try to sing a line"

McGraw cites “Humble and Kind” as a song he’s learned from through listening to and recording it. Though he cried all the way to the studio to finish up the song, he was able to battle his emotions, spend 15 minutes on it and get it recorded in the end.

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