Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been talking about a duets album forever. They have the chemistry and the talent. And most of all, the fans want to see it happen. So, will it?

In a recent interview with CMT Radio, McGraw hinted at the prospect of a joint venture with his wife. The duo have seen major success with collaborations like ‘It’s Your Love and ‘I Need You.’

Because their previous duets have been so wildly successful, making an album happen hinges heavily on finding a lineup of worthy songs.

"It's about the songs -- when the song comes along that's the right song for us to do," McGraw says. "I mean, we don't want to just go cut a song to be cutting a song together. I think that waters [down] what we do -- not as a family or a couple but what we do as a singing couple."

Due to their success performing live together, McGraw and Hill will be extending their Soul2Soul show at the Venetian in Las Vegas beginning Oct. 25.