In addition to his award-winning country music career, Tim McGraw has also found success as an actor. The 48-year-old has starred in blockbuster movies such as Country Strong, The Blind Side and Friday Night Lights, among others, and recently wrapped up filming for his next big movie, The Shack, starring Octavia Spencer and Sam Worthington. But although the singer has scored plenty of big roles, he says that he still has a lot to learn.

"It’s a different muscle in a lot of ways," McGraw tells The Boot of acting versus singing. "I have a ton of respect for actors after the few times I’ve been in the company of them. Because when you go to see a film, you don’t want anything to take you out of it. Nothing can take you out of the moment.

"When you see these guys stay in the same character, especially guys that you see all the time ... you never think about the other movies that they’ve been [in]. You never think about the other characters they played. You buy into that character for the two hours you’re watching that film," the country star explains. "So I have a lot of respect for those guys that are able to do that, able to hold character and make you believe that story."

The 48-year-old has starred alongside actors such as George Clooney, Sandra Bullock and Gwyneth Paltrow, among others, which McGraw says has helped him hone his craft -- and create lifelong friendships.

"I've been lucky to work with some great people," he concedes. "From the first movie I did [Friday Night Lights], with Billy Bob [Thornton] and Garrett [Hedlund], who’s still a great friend of mine, [to] working with Sandra, working with Gwyneth. I’ve worked with some great people."

Still, McGraw says that he has no plans of leaving country music to pursue acting full time.

"I’ll always be a singer. That's what I do," McGraw maintains. "I wouldn’t have gotten the opportunity to be in a movie if I hadn’t been a singer. I don’t think anybody was going to pluck me out of the streets and say, ‘Hey, come be in my movie.’ Music’s brought all of that to me."

There is no word yet when The Shack will be released. McGraw's latest album, Damn Country Music, is now available on Amazon and iTunes.

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