Thompson Square practice what they preach. Keifer and Shawna Thompson are offering fans backstage passes to one of their concerts taking place before March 23. To meet the duo, you must sponsor a child through ChildFund International, something the pair are also doing.

"Just got back from meeting Emerson, the child that we sponsor through ChildFund International," the couple posted on their Facebook page with the photo above. "It was one of the most amazing days we've ever had. We will be sharing more photos very soon. Please take the time to go [here] and follow the child fund link and sponsor a child. I promise it will change your life!"

The "If I Didn't Have You" singers have been aligned with the charity that provides basic necessities to child in need for nearly a year, offering various incentives to fans who have joined.

"When we learned about the amazing work ChildFund International does to help children on a global scale, we knew immediately that we wanted to be involved and figure out a way that we could contribute," Keifer says.

It costs $28 per month to sponsor a child, which qualifies you for the backstage passes. Get more information here.

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