Country fans, get ready to be jealous of Thomas Rhett: He has revealed that he co-wrote a song with the one and only Eric Church, and it will most likely be on Rhett's next record.

For Rhett, the experience was a literal dream come true. He has been a fan of Church for ages.

“[Church is] one of those guys who’s always been a huge influence in the way that I write music and play. That’s all I listened to in high school … Eric Church [songs] were my spring break anthems in high school and college," Rhett told The Boot back in 2012, when he was a baby-faced newcomer. "I really admire his writing style and the energy he performs with.”

So to get the experience to write a song with him? Unforgettable.

"It was one of the coolest co-writes of my life," Rhett tells Broadway's Electric Barnyard. "We got together in Nashville -- me and him and a guy named Luke Laird -- and we wrote a really, really cool song that hopefully goes on the new album."

Even though the song isn't yet confirmed to be on Rhett's next record, he admits that it would be pretty hard not to put a track written with one of his idols on the project. Still, he's staying relatively mum about the details.

"It's very Eric. When I sing it, I feel like I try to sing it like Eric," Rhett reveals of the song. "When I was in the room writing it with him,  I was like a kid in a candy shop. When I sang the demo, it was like Eric five years ago singing "Carolina" or "These Boots" on the album."

Perhaps it was inevitable that the two singers would work together. After all, Rhett's been compared to Church in the past.

"I’ve been playing a lot of shows, and it never fails, after every show someone says, ‘Dude, you sound a lot like Eric Church,’” Rhett said a few years ago. “I’ve been really pondering that because I’ve been putting our voices together, and they really don’t sound anything alike, but I definitely appreciate it and take that as a compliment."

Rhett is currently heating up the country charts with his No. 1 hit " Make Me Wanna," his third consecutive chart topper and the fifth single from his freshman record, It Goes Like This.

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