While we don't know who will be playing in next year's Super Bowl, we do know what will be hitting the airwaves immediately following pro-football's finale. 'The Voice' has been tapped to air on NBC immediately following Super Bowl XLVI, the most coveted slot on TV.

"There is no better showcase on television than to follow the Super Bowl, and we believe 'The Voice' is deserving of such high-profile exposure," NBC Entertainment chairman Bob Greenblatt says (quote via E! Online). "The attention-grabbing blind audition phase of 'The Voice' has mass appeal and will fittingly team up with the biggest sporting event of the year."

'The Voice' will return for its sophomore season with the same four judges currently occupying the famous swivel seats: Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green.

The show is one that the 'Honey Bee' singer is proud to be a part of. "This lets people have the chance that they deserve, and then it's up to them, honestly, to make the most of it," he tells The Boot. "If they need to get a haircut and shave, then do it. If music matters enough to you, do it. At least you're going to get your shot based on your talent first."

Blake will have to fit in the TV show with his jam-packed touring schedule, which includes Brad Paisley's H2O: Wetter & Wilder tour, which kicks off June 3 in Virginia Beach, Va. Keep track of his concert schedule here.

Blake Shelton Live Performance