The Mavericks have a new music video out, for their song "Pardon Me."

The song is about what the group experiences while out on the road, and unlike other upbeat and happy tunes about touring, this track paints a different picture: "Most the time, I feel alright / With the life I chose to lead / Tonight, I’m not myself at all / So, pardon me / I wouldn’t change a single thing / As crazy as it seems." In the clip, the group acknowledges these more somber feelings that come along with traveling for extended periods of time.

"Pardon Me" comes off of the Mavericks' newest album, Mono, which made its debut in February. The record was released via the Valory Music Co., a division of Big Machine Label Group.

“You know, they did right by us,” says Raul Malo, the Mavericks' lead singer. “Heck, they let us make a record at this stage. I know people probably have a hard time imagining this, but it’s not the easiest thing to get these days, to be able to make records and have a record contract.”

More information about the Mavericks and their upcoming tour dates can be found on the band's website. Mono and "Pardon Me" are available for download via iTunes.