Country rap duo the Lacs are premiering the music video for the title track of their just-released compilation record 'Nothing in Particular' on The Boot.

The group, made up of Clay 'Uncle Snap' Sharpe and Brian 'Rooster' King, is laid back and low key in the video. There's not a whole lot of production around this clip -- and it plays off the relaxed vibe of a quintessential guy's day, pulling directly from the lyrics "Wherever I'm at is right where I'll be / So load up your trucks, and come hang with me / I'm doin' ... nothing in particular, and I'm doin' it all day long / A hot grill and a cooler of beer and a CD of my favorite songs."

The duo, whose name is short for 'Loud Ass Crackers,' are known for their ability to combine rock, rap and country into something truly unique.

“Our music is not one dimensional,” Sharpe explains. “We take the good out of rock, the good out of country and the good out of rap and mix them together and create something different. We build from scratch.”

King adds, “That’s what our fans want, and that’s exactly what we’re giving them.”

The Lacs released 'Nothing in Particular,' an 11-track collection of hard-hitting, mud-slinging fan favorites, on Tuesday (Oct. 28) and just finished up their Road to Lactober Tour, which hit the road at the beginning of August and wrapped up Oct. 18.

'Nothing in Particular' is available for download via iTunes here.

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