Country superstars and mother-daughter duo the Judds (Naomi and Wynonna) hit up Harpo Studios in Chicago Tuesday afternoon for an interview on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show.' During their visit, the pair performed a moving rendition of their newest single, 'I Will Stand by You,' and discussed the upcoming, highly anticipated reunion shows (go here for dates) and even gave a tour of their homes on the 1,000-acre estate they own in Tennessee.

While they joked throughout the interview -- at one point Naomi saying to Wynonna, "You're just gonna use all of your one-liners!" -- at times it turned tearful. Wynonna was especially forthcoming, getting emotional discussing difficult subjects including family history and her ex-husband, whom she divorced after he was charged with sexual battery against a minor. Read more of what the Judds had to say during their appearance on Oprah to celebrate the host's farewell season below.

Wynonna on her initial reaction to her husband's sexual battery charges:

"I trusted him with my life, and I didn't want to stop trusting. He was out of the house within the hour. I set really strong boundaries. I called him everything I could think of -- I had a moment where I let it all fly -- and then it was done. There was no drama -- I didn't carry on for five years. I just moved forward because I realized I knew enough about the disease [alcoholism] to know that we're two people sometimes."

Wynonna on how she dealt with her pain:

"A lot of things went through my mind. Everything from writing songs [from the perspective of a] man hater. I made jokes about it, because that's what I do -- I do humor really well.. When I got really alone, my life coach, Jeff, said, 'If you let yourself lean into the pain, you'll wake up one day and you'll stop crying and move forward.' And I just had to have faith and believe in someone else because I didn't believe in myself."

Wynonna on her husband's betrayal:

"I didn't want to be 'hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn.' The best revenge is living well ... I was an organized mess. I could show up and look so cute and charming and underneath I was dying inside. I just got a call my husband's in jail and I'm literally in an airport on a golf cart and people are pointing at me. So, yes, I went through all that, but I showed up. I have a choice, I could either stay in bed and 'pity party of one, your table is ready,' or I could sing my butt off and get a standing ovation and a paycheck."

Naomi and Wynonna on their relationship as mother and daughter:

"Seriously we bait each other, we provoke each other. One of the things she taught me was the importance of pausing. Be non-resistant. Being invitational instead of confrontational. Three things caused a paradigm shift between me and Wynonna. One is is to say to the other person, "Is this a good time?" Two is to absolutely repeat back word-for-word. Three is to say, 'I would like a do-over.'"

Wynonna on her relationship with her daughter:

"I will say, 'Is this a good time for a hug?' And Gracie needs to know that her body is her own -- I never knew who I was autonomously. " I say, 'I can understand why you feel that way' and 'I really understand that you feel disappointed.'"

Wynonna and Naomi on their new found friendship:

Wynonna: "I can enjoy her."

Naomi: "I'm surprised you didn't tell me I have too much makeup on!"