Beginning tonight (July 6), Joey+Rory are inviting you home with them every week. "The Joey+Rory Show" is filmed at the couple's farm and around their community of Pottsville, Tenn., and includes everything from performances to cooking segments at their family-owned Marcy Jo's Mealhouse. (Watch a preview below.)

"We don't have a TV, partly because it's hard to find good family programs to watch anymore. So rather than complain about it, we're hoping to create some good programming everyone can enjoy," Rory explains. "Just like the records you make, you never know if this show will reach hundreds of people, or millions -- either way, the journey together is extraordinary."

The pair even went as far as to convert a barn on their property into a soundstage, where they're able to write, film, edit and produce the entire series, with the help of a small group of friends who call themselves Milkhouse Media. The first 13 episodes include performances from the duo's upcoming album, His & Hers, as well as intimate acoustic sets from Joey+Rory, as well as the singers and songwriters who inspire them.

His & Hers is out July 31, while "The Joey+Rory Show" airs Fridays at 9:00 PM ET on RFD-TV.

Watch a Preview of "The Joey+Rory Show"

Watch Our 'Day in the Life of Joey + Rory' Video

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