Joey+Rory have always had a knack for naming their records. Their debut, Life of a Song, got its title from an album track that likens life to a song that "lives forever and never dies." The next was cleverly titled Album Number Two, and now their third, His & Hers, alludes to the couple's decade of martial bliss.

"In all of our live shows, he's always done half the singing and I do half," Joey says. "So we just felt like that was the right direction to go with this album -- let it really be more of what we are together, and fill it full of great songs."

Rory may have written or co-written a great deal of project -- which comes out July 31 -- but each song has to fulfill Joey's requirements: "It has to be genuine, it has to be honest, it has to be sincere."

Fans will get to hear songs from the upcoming album when the duo's weekly variety show, "The Joey+Rory Show," launches on RFD-TV. The first 13 episodes were shot at the couple's farm in Tennessee and in their small town community. It will include live performances, recipes from their restaurant, Marcy Jo's Mealhouse, and behind-the-scenes forays into their life.

"We don't have a TV, partly because it's hard to find good family programs to watch anymore. So rather than complain about it, we're hoping to create some good programming everyone can enjoy," Rory explains. "Just like the records you make, you never know if this show will reach hundreds of people, or millions --either way, the journey together is extraordinary."

His & Hers is out July 31, while the airdate for "The Joey+Rory Show" is forthcoming.

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