New country-music trio The Farm, whose debut single, "Home Sweet Home," is currently climbing the charts, is just weeks away from releasing their eagerly-anticipated debut album, The Farm, Inc., on July 17. The threesome, comprised of Nick Hoffman, Krista Marie and Damien Horne, were each on their own individual career path when they first got together, and admit becoming a group was the furthest thing from their minds.

"We're all songwriters and we were all solo acts; we just got together to write," Damien tells The Boot. "We talked about our homes and where we came from, and before we knew it, we wrote a song, and then another song, and now we're here."

In addition to songwriting, Damien was formerly part of the Big & Rich-led MuzikMafia, Nick played in Kenny Chesney's band and Krista once had a record deal on Broken Bow. But it didn't take long for them each to realize they had something exceptional together.

"I still have the recording of the first time we sat down and said, 'OK, we need to record this,' which was on the day we wrote it," Nick recalls. "We never sang together before and it sounds like it sounds right now. I remember going back home that day and playing it again and going, 'Huh? What just happened?' Because when you get together and you write with people, one of two things is going to happen. Either it's good and you want to do it again, or it's bad and you never want to see them again. Fortunately, it was good. And now that first song we ever wrote is in the Top 20!"

The bandmates feel they found such quick success because they didn't put any pressure on themselves to succeed as artists.

"It was just about making music and building this chemistry and growing," Damien notes. "But it wasn't even like we were after a deal or anything like that. We were in the same head space, we were just making music and a bunch of things just kind of came about because the music was good."

The Farm has a summer packed with concert dates all over the country. Keep track of their schedule here.

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