The Farm's Damien Horne, Krista Marie and Nick Hoffman have had a big week in Nashville, as they celebrate Tuesday's release of their debut CD, The Farm Inc., and for the trio who have all paid their fair share of dues to get to this moment, it definitely couldn't be sweeter. Celebrating with fans, friends and industry members at a bash Monday night at the Fontanel Mansion just outside of Nashville, the trio thanked all of the people who helped bring their longtime dream to life, then fired up the band, ignited Nick's smoking fiddle and burned through a bevy of new tunes including their hit single, "Home Sweet Home" (the first song they ever penned together). Since the release of their single, the three have been in perpetual motion, visiting radio and performing countless shows around the country, but yesterday as the CD finally hit stores, the trio sat for a moment to muse on the long road to their first release.

"I went to Best Buy today and there our CD sat, and I had this real profound moment where all of the sudden it hit me -- it's here!" Nick told The Boot. "Everything we've worked for in our adult lives is all encompassed by that little jewel case right there. It's all been pointed at that moment, which is when you move to town you want to be on the radio, you want to be on a major label, you want to have a record in stores, you want to share your music with people and have people sing your music back to you -- ironically enough, it all happens with that. All those things come true in one little jewel case on one day, and that day's today, and that is a really special thing!"

"Today was the first day that our team got to share in that, that we have an album out there now and that body of work is out now for people to hear. It's a moment all three of us get to share together for the first time!" adds Krista.

With their hectic schedule and career momentum increasing, the three, who attribute their mutual work ethic to part of the Farm's success, actually found it tough to stop long enough to enjoy what they'd accomplished. "My initial reaction to having an album out is OK, we've got more work to do!" says Damien. "There's more to be done! Now we've got to do this, and this, and this. [laughs] And someone said to me, 'Alright, think about this for a minute ... when you were a teenager you left home for that CD. Remember those kind of things, and take a moment and just enjoy the fact that it's here and let it sink in!' I'm really bad about pushing ahead to the next thing, saying, 'OK, now we've got to push this album, now that it's out!'"

Nick resisted even taking the time to go and buy the CD at first, but then admitted that he got so caught up in the moment that he had to revel in it with a complete stranger! "My wife and daughter made me go buy the record. At first I said, 'No, no, no, I've got emails and things to handle.' And she said, 'No, we're going, and you're gonna stop and smell the roses.' And I'm so glad she did, because when I walked up there it was almost an emotional moment. Because I'm not like that at all, very emotional. I like to think of myself as too cool for something like that, but as I'm checking out and I was looking at the CD and our picture, I turned around to the lady at the register and said, 'That's me!' And she just said, 'OK,' and looked back down and kept ringing people out. She didn't even believe me, it was so funny!"