Fans of the Cadillac Three have been waiting for new music from the group, and they may soon have a followup to their 2013 album 'Tennessee Mojo.'

"We're pretty much done," lead singer Jaren Johnston tells Rolling Stone Country. "We just have to figure out the right time to put it out -- top of summer, I would imagine. It's going to be awesome; we're going to change the game a little bit. It's going to be a little heavier."

The group is kicking off their Aviators and Radiators Tour in Tampa, Fla., on Jan. 30, with dates scheduled through March 1. After their solo tour, they'll be joining Eric Church on the road for some of his Outsiders World Tour dates. But despite all the time playing shows, Johnston says that the new album is still a top priority.

"It's the fire, man," he says. "It's just real songs, and I try to write about what nobody else is writing about at the time. It's country music, so a lot of people say the same things, and we touched on a lot of those things but with different ways of saying them. I'm real proud of it."

The band has a penchant for rock-driven party songs, and even though Johnston has won Grammys for his songwriting for some of mainstream country's biggest stars (Keith Urban and Tim McGraw, among others), he says that he's not worried about the Cadillac Three fitting in.

"I think we don't," he says, "and I think it's great. You look at Eric -- he's always done the same thing no matter what, and the genre morphed towards him. It came to him, he didn't chase it. I think we just keep doing what we do."