Back in 2004, a freak fire broke out in a small Montreal club where the Slip, a New England-based rock trio, were playing. Bandmates (and brothers) Andrew and Brad Barr escaped unharmed and ended up loving the Canadian city so much, they took up permanent residence there. The trio disbanded, but the Barrs kept making music and now, seven years later, are announcing a release date for the self-titled debut of their new band, The Barr Brothers.

Born and raised on a solid diet of classic rock in Providence, RI, the brothers Barr found inspiration in Montreal, as well as a new crew of collaborators and conspirators, including Brad's next-door neighbor Sarah Page, classically trained harpist Miles Perkin, and multi-instrumentalist Andres Vial, all of whom appear on their debut, and some of whom (Page and Vial) tour as part of the Barr Brothers.

Recording their ten-song debut in an old boiler room at the foot of Mount Royal (an extinct volcano in Montreal), with help from longtime collaborator Nathan Moore, Land of Talk's Elizabeth Powell, The Low Anthem's Jocie Adams, Elvis Perkins and Emma Baxter, the Barr Brothers are currently preparing to release their album of bluesy, lonesome Americana on September 27, via Secret City Records.

For more info, or to hear The Barr Brothers' music, visit their website

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