The Band Perry's third single, 'You Lie,' has officially gone gold.

The sibling trio, who are currently on tour with Tim McGraw, released their self-titled debut in October, earning immediate acclaim for their unique blend of modern and traditional country and a Grammy nomination for their double-platinum selling second single, 'If I Die Young.'

'You Lie' is achieving similar success, recording the trio's fastest trip to the top of the radio charts and logging over 500,000 sales, receiving official RIAA gold certification.

"'You Lie' is full of spitfire, and it's our high-five to everyone who's been the victim of a cheatin' heart," explain the Perrys siblings. "Only in country music could a song about feeling fed-up be so much fun to sing. When we perform this one, we get a big 'amen!' back and we thank everyone who has joined in."

The trio's debut LP is currently on track to go platinum by the year's end, achieving gold status just four months after its release, and currently sits at No. 10 on Billboard's Top Country Albums chart.

While they are currently still on the road with Tim McGraw, the Band Perry will appear on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' on August 17, and have future dates with Keith Urban planned in September and Reba McEntire in October.

Check out The Band Perry's tour dates here.

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