The Band Perry's fans have turned out in droves to help celebrate the trio's recent ACM wins for Best New Artist and Top New Vocal Group, cheering them on as they tour with Luke Bryan on Tim McGraw's Emotional Traffic tour.

Not only do fans bring the siblings' favorite candies to all the meet and greets, they also wave elaborate signs at the trio.

"We have seen some of our favorite signs," Reid tells The Boot. "They remind me of Hallmark cards on poster boards."

Perhaps one reason Reid favors the signs is that many declare the fans' love for him.

"We see them all the time, the ones that say 'I love Reid,'" laughs brother Neil. "His head is getting bigger and bigger. He gets an incredible amount of love from the ladies."

The adoring fans are just one of the delights on the tour, the siblings say.

"My favorite thing about the tour is the one solid catwalk with two arms that branch off," says Kimberly. "I love to [walk out toward the audience] and reach down and smack the hands of fans all night long."

The siblings say that the chance to tour with Tim is in many ways a dream come true. That's thanks in large part to Tim's generosity toward them, including letting them use the entire stage when they perform. Many headliners limit how much of the stage opening bands are allowed to use.

Although the trio had not seen Tim in concert before they were in the music business, they all admit they were major fans.

"Where we grew up, we did mud riding," says Kimberly who adds she shared this memory with Tim. "We used to go mud riding with 'It's Your Love' cranked up. We'd play it over and over again. We got to tell Tim that a couple of nights ago!"

The Band Perry's next scheduled concert on Tim McGraw's Emotional Traffic tour with Luke Bryan is April 29 in Tampa, Fla. For more concert dates and news, check here.

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