The Band Perry have been named ambassadors for Teen Cancer America.

The Who's Roger Daltrey made the announcement before a recent concert in Nashville. Daltrey founded the organization in 2012 with bandmate Pete Townsend, with the goal of helping teens receive age-appropriate cancer care. Neil Perry says that the trio's connection to Daltrey and the Who goes back to when they were kids.

"Roger has been a mentor to us for years, and he probably doesn't even know it," Perry tells Rolling Stone Country. "Our dad raised us on the Rolling Stones, the Who and Queen. And we have a really energetic, sweaty rock 'n' roll show ... I've been thinking about pulling out the windmill on my mandolin."

The sibling group hopes that working with Teen Cancer America will be a way for them to give something back to their fans.

"For us, every charity or cause we've been a part of has been teen and young adults based," Reid Perry says. "We feel like they really gave us our career."

The Perrys' father, Steve Perry, works as a pediatrician, which gives the trio an understanding of how hospitals work and has helped instill them with a passion for the health of young people.

"Because of our father being a pediatrician, we've been around hospitals so much," Kimberly Perry says. "When you boost the morale of these teens, I think it also boosts the success rate of curing their cancers as well."

The band is currently working on their third album in Nashville and Los Angeles, and they've been working with an interesting range of collaborators, including Pharrell Williams, Diplo and Audra Mae.

“For this new record we’re actually, we’re mixing it up,” Kimberly Perry reveals. “We have a lot of interesting things happening. You know, the co-writes are one thing we’ve gotten really excited about as well ... We’ve just made a lot of new writing friendships, and we can’t wait for you guys to hear it.”

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