The Band Perry hail from Mobile, Ala., but have made their home in the hills of East Tennessee for some time now. With all that natural beauty surrounding them, it's easy to see why this time of year would be their favorite ... especially when Halloween rolls around.

"Halloween really is our favorite holiday," admits Kimberly. "It's in the fall, and it's the first time you can identify the cold snap. The weather is getting cooler out and the leaves are all starting to change. We like the food, of course! My favorite costume of all time was the year that I went as Marie Antoinette. I'm a fan of the big hair, so I got the big Marie Antoinette wig, and I love that movie, too, that Sofia Coppola directed."

The Perry boys found getting stuffed full of straw was the most fun they had on a Halloween. "I was a scarecrow one year, we both went as scarecrows actually," recalls Neil. "Mama got a burlap sack and threw it over our head and filled it with straw and everything. That was a fun costume. I haven't thought of anything this year to be yet, but we'll probably do a rolling Halloween party this year since we're on the road."

Kimberly thinks the siblings should switch places this Halloween, impersonating each other onstage. "That's it! I'm gonna be Reid, Reid will be Neil, and Neil will be me. Then we'll do a show that way and I'll try to play bass, and Reid, you can play mandolin and Neil, you can sing! He can sing higher than I do!"

Neil could also go as Michael Jackson, since he apparently does a spot-on impression of the late icon. "He goes around all day doing that," says Reid, rolling his eyes, as Neil launches into his best high-pitched Michael squeal. "I don't have the glove, but I do have the moonwalk," adds Neil, laughing.

Over 5,000 people showed up to celebrate the Band Perry's success at their recent homecoming concert in Greeneville, Tenn. They'll soon be seeing fans from all around the country, as they're gearing up for their opening slot on Alan Jackson's upcoming tour, which kicks off next month.

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