It was pretty tough to miss the Band Perry on national television last week. The sibling trio appeared on 'Extra,' FOX News, 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show' and 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.' Along the way, they had the opportunity to meet one of their favorite artists, Amos Lee, as well as teen sensation Justin Bieber. While the rising country stars may play it cool and say they were just grateful to get away from a snow-covered Tennessee, we know they were giddy with the excitement of the week.

Brothers Reid and Neal Perry give us a behind-the-scenes look at their whirlwind media week, which included 'Extra' on Wednesday, the Ellen taping Thursday (the episode airs today, January 31) and Leno Friday. Unfortunately, the week took a toll on Kimberly's voice, landing her on vocal rest. Hopefully she'll get some good R & R before the band's next TV appearance -- at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, where their breakthrough hit 'If I Die Young' is nominated for Best Country Song.

Reid Perry: We're just such huge fans of Leno and Ellen and the fact that we got to go to L.A. and get away from all the snow was a thrill for us. We had such a great time. We did Extra with Mario Lopez, which was fun.

'Ellen' was great. We got to take a picture of her car and her parking space. We were there about an hour beforehand, she was filming two shows that day, and when we got there there was an artist playing, whom we absolutely love, by the name of Amos Lee. One of our favorite songs that he does is 'Southern Girl,' and we actually got to meet him backstage.

Ironically, we had been talking about how much we loved him the day before with our publicist, who was introducing us to some of his new stuff. Our publicist went down and talked to his publicist, because he was still filming. Then, in the green room, we got to meet him. He's playing over in Knoxville in a couple of weeks, and we're going to try and make it over and catch his show.

Neal Perry: We're such huge fans of his songwriting as well, the way he forms words and the way his music flows. We're trying to hook up a songwriting session with Amos, so fingers crossed that will happen soon.

Reid: He's from Philadelphia, but he almost sounds Southern in the way that he sings and the feel of his music.

Neal: We were gherming him a little bit backstage. He's such a cool artist.

Reid: And Ellen DeGeneres was so sweet. It was actually her birthday the day before we went on the show, so we got her a birthday gift. When she came over after our performance to wrap up the show, we gave it to her and gave her a big ole hug.

Neal: The gift was a 100% organic cotton scarf that we found at store called Barney's. When we saw it we thought, 'This is definitely Ellen.'

Reid: It's a hilarious show, as they were recording it they had the feed going in the dressing rooms, so we were able to watch it.

Neal: Today (January 31) is actually Portia [de Rossi]'s birthday, so on the show Ellen got Portia a bunch of 'as seen on TV' products. It's really funny.

It's interesting, the different styles between Ellen and Leno. We got to Ellen about an hour-and-a-half before the show and did our soundcheck. Then when the show started we just rolled it. Leno was very much rehearsed. We got there at about 6:30 AM and we shot at 4:30 PM. We did several rehearsals during the day, and Jay came out and ran through his whole set. Ellen was more 'let's see what happens,' and Leno was very organized.

Reid: Jay Leno actually came backstage before the show, and we got to shake his hand. He gave us some late night show t-shirts and wrote us a note that said, "Thanks for coming on the show. Good Luck, Jay Leno." Then he drew a spoof of himself.

We pretty much did nothing all day, just waited. They didn't want us to leave the lot because with L.A. traffic, it's so congested that you can get stuck for hours. They wanted everyone to stay put, sitting in our dressing rooms until it was time to go on.

Neal: It's was fun, though. We got to see Leno rehearse and see everyone backstage work, so it was fun for us.

Reid: Justin Bieber was actually on that Leno episode, too, so we got to shake his hand. Kimberly is definitely a big fan of his. He's such a talented kid. He's very focused on what he wants. On the show, they showed some videos of when he was younger up in Canada, performing on the street. The first part of the video you can tell it's daylight and he's playing his guitar, and then it showed another clip and it's dark, so he'd been playing all day long. I'm impressed by him.

Our mom was there, she actually travels with us; we like to call her our referee/alarm clock and whatever else needs to be done person. Then Dad came out well. He usually stays out in East Tennessee to hold down the fort, but he wanted to come out to the shoots. Johnny Carson was the original late night show host, and Mom and Dad grew up on that, so it was really cool for them to be there and see the phase two, if you will.

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