The Band Perry celebrated their latest No. 1 single, "Better Dig Two" at a special event in Nashville this week, and the sibling trio also revealed a few details about their upcoming single and video, "Done." The second release from the group's sophomore album, Pioneer, has already captured the attention of fans via social media, but the for the tune involves capture of another kind.

"We just shot the music video yesterday and it basically, without giving too much of it away, is a human chess board come to life," Kimberly Perry told reporters at the event. "We play out this battle between us. The good guys win though. Spoiler alert." (quote via CMIL). On Wednesday (March 6), the band tweeted a photo of the life-sized chess match.

"Done" is described as a "cut the tie" tune and was co-written by Reid and Neil Perry, along with John Davidson and Jacob Bryant. The song, Neil says "is basically about somebody giving all that they have to this other person in this relationship and the other person not giving anything in return and just taking and taking. And eventually having enough of that that the first person just cuts the ties, cuts them loose and is completely done."

Fan reaction to the song, however, is just beginning. "What I'm really excited about is seeing fans Facebook and tweet about the song," says Kimberly. "They're saying things like 'all I want to be is done [with] the next few days of school and get on with the weekend,' 'all I want to be is done with chocolate, which is my biggest addiction.' It really is about anything you feel like you are needing to rise above."

For the trio, steadily on the rise since the release of their 2010 self-titled debut, their spring and summer tour schedule is filling up quickly. Kimberly recently revealed that the band has started doing stage sketches and is working on new material to add to their set list. Keep track of their tour schedule here.

The Band Perry's Pioneer will be released April 2.

Watch the Band Perry's 'Better Dig Two' Video