As three of the hottest newcomers in country music, the Band Perry members -- Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry -- are already becoming the subject of a few fan crushes, but the trio admit they've got a few celebrity dream dates of their own.

"Taylor Kitsch," Kimberly matter-of-factly declares to The Boot when asked who she'd most like to have join her for a night on the town. "He was in [the TV series] 'Friday Night Lights'. Great abs. People just laugh at me when I bring him up."

"She keeps trying to get him in a music video forever," Reid adds.

"If you get her talking about Taylor Kitsch, she will not stop talking!" Neil notes. "I think I know as much about him as she does!"

Whether Kimberly will ever meet idol remains to be seen, but she says the 29-year-old does fit into her one major relationship stipulation.

"I have this rule that I can't date anyone younger than me. I dated this guy in high school once. He was a month younger and I just couldn't do it. But the older I get, the looser that rule is," she admits.

Neil acknowledges he has celebrity crush on an older woman -- fellow musician Alison Krauss. "It's her voice. We saw her live on the Robert Plant/Alison Krauss tour and when Robert walked out I was like, 'lead singer for Led Zeppelin. That's awesome.' When Alison Krauss walked out, I was screaming at the top of my lungs."

The members of the Band Perry may have to put any relationship aspirations on the back burner. Their 2011 schedule includes time on the road with Tim McGraw on his Emotional Traffic tour, as well as a run of Canadian dates on Keith Urban's Get Closer tour. Keep track of their schedule here.

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