The Band Perry thought life couldn't get any better when their tune, 'If I Die Young,' went No. 1. That all changed, though, when 'All Your Life' became their first multiple week chart-topper, riding the crest for two weeks.

"Any No. 1 song is special, and this is the final single from the album so we were excited to wind down with a No. 1 for it," Kimberly Perry tells The Boot. "Plus it is the first bona fide love song we've released to country radio, and it went No. 1 around Valentine's Day. Reid and Neil are hopeless romantics and I am the spitfire of the group, so they were excited about that."

"This is actually our proposal song," Neil clarifies. "We've had three different people propose to their girlfriends at our shows, and all three said, 'Yes.' So this is a good luck charm song."

The siblings celebrated the success of their second No. 1 at a brunch in Nashville on Monday (Feb. 27). Joining them at the party were the writers of the tune, the father and daughter team, Clara and Brian Henningsen.

"Sharing this No. 1 with our friends the Henningsens is a brand new experience for us, and we are thrilled and proud for them," Kimberly added. Clara and Brian co-penned the group's last single, 'You Lie,' with Clara's brother Aaron. While this is the first time Clara and Brian have reached the top of the chart, it probably won't be their last, as they have been writing with the Perry clan for their sophomore album.

"We don't have any idea what the next single will be," Kimberly admitted. "We are going into the studio in March and April and will probably cut five songs, so we hope one of them will stand out as a possible single."

Reid revealed that they have also been writing Skylar Gray, a multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter and record producer. She won a Song of the Year Grammy for co-writing 'Love the Way You Lie,' recorded by Eminem and Rihanna, and she also co-wrote 'Castle Walls' by T.I. and Christina Aguilera.

However, a great deal of the writing for the new album has been done between the trio. "We went on the road when 'Hip to my Heart' came out and we haven't been home since," Kimberly explains. "Just by default the three of us will hole up in a green room or on the tour bus and try to break ground on new songs."

The band is back on the road, with a stop in Baltimore, Md. Thursday (March 1). Get a full list of dates here.

Watch the Band Perry's Video for 'All Your Life'

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