Artists: Taylor Swift & the Civil Wars

Video: 'Safe and Sound' (From the 'Hunger Games' Soundtrack)

Why We Love It: It's a song like no other in her catalog, taking Taylor's vocal range to new heights. The 22-year-old superstar goes more of the folk/Americana route on the hauntingly beautiful 'Safe and Sound,' backed by her friends Joy Williams and John Paul White of the Civil Wars.

The song's brand-new video was shot at a cemetery, bringing its melancholy lyrics to life. "It's one of my favorite moments in the video; there's this wide shot, where I'm just kind of crumpled up sitting on a gravestone, and it's actually the gravesite of a couple who lived and died in 1853," Taylor tells MTV. "I'm sitting here thinking, 'What were their lives like?' It's really eerie, considering what the movie is about and how it deals with life and death. It just absolutely blew my mind."

Watch Taylor Swift & the Civil Wars' 'Safe and Sound' Video

Watch Taylor on the Grammys Red Carpet

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