Paramore has released a remake of their song, 'Hate to See Your Heart Break,' featuring Joy Williams, formerly of the Civil Wars.

The lead singer of the alt-rock group, Hayley Williams, says the duet was a chance for the two longtime friends to finally collaborate together on a song that blends their own styles of music.

"Joy has been a friend and a mentor of mine since I was just 12 years old," she shares. "Joy has been an incredible example of strength, perseverance, faith and grace throughout all the years that I've known her. I always wanted to be able to sing like her, and being able to duet with her actually felt like an amazing tribute to the inspiration she’s given me."

Although Paramore, which also includes bassist Jeremy Davis and guitarist Taylor York, released their first album, 'All We Know is Falling,' in 2005, the collaboration was a first for the group.

"It’s the first time we've ever collaborated with anyone as a band, and we’re all really, really proud we were able to invite someone into Paramore’s world who completely understands multiple aspects of who we are," Hayley Williams continues. "Whether you’re a Paramore fan, a Civil Wars fan, or you just like pretty songs … This one will satisfy, I swear!"

The duet between the two women only further cemented their long-standing friendship.

"I love that I got to sing this with someone who I have shared my pains and my stories with for quite some time," Hayley Williams tells NPR. "Someone whom I know well and who I've sat and listened to as they share their own pains. It was never meant as [a] romantic song between lovers but always a song to a friend. Now it's even more special.

"I think of it as an ode to sisterhood," she continues. "Close friendship between women who share their stories with each other and who lift each other up and understand one another."

Joy Williams was one-half of the Civil Wars, along with John Paul White, from 2009 until they announced their split earlier this year.

"Since I grew up harmonizing with women, it felt really natural singing with Hayley," she says. "I remember she and I talked that day in studio about how we have some similar traits in our voices. All we had to do was give into that for our harmonies to really come together.

"The blend felt natural, very much like family," Joy Williams adds. "I think women have a mysterious way of tapping into each other if they know each other well, and I felt that."

'Hate to See Your Heart Break' was originally included on Paramore's self-titled fourth studio album, which was released in 2013. The version with Joy Williams is included on their deluxe version of the record, which was released on Nov. 24. Download the song here.

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