"This is completely not OK!" screams Taylor Swift on a commercial previewing the hidden-camera TV show, 'Punk'd.' "This is like, gonna put me in a jail cell forever!"

The wildly popular MTV program is back for a new season on March 29, with Taylor as one its celebrity victims. The culprit in the country superstar's episode is none other than her good friend (and her best friend's boyfriend), Justin Bieber.

The pop prince reportedly faked a songwriting session at a beachside home in southern California and asked Taylor to come write with him. Taking a break from their music, he convinces her to check out fireworks he claimed to have gotten from Japan. That's when the incredibly elaborate prank fires up ... literally.

The fireworks shoot out into the ocean and hit a boat, on which a "wedding" is taking place. The bride, groom and guests -- all actors -- are forced to swim to shore, where they confront Taylor. "Thanks for ruining the best day of my life!" the "groom" says to the singer in the second video below.

'Punk'd' was started by actor Ashton Kutcher and producer Jason Goldberg back in 2003. Now in its ninth season, the show still lists Ashton as the executive producer but has turned hosting duties over to different celebrities for each episode. Joining Justin as pranksters this season include Miley Cyrus and Kelly Osbourne. Victims include Demi Lovato and Khloe Kardashian.

Watch a Preview of Punk'd

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