This week, country stars shared music videos that celebrate personal identity, reveal a more vulnerable side of the artist or even include personal family photos. Read on, and dig deep into these new clips!

Tanya Tucker, "The House That Built Me":

Country music legend Tanya Tucker takes on one of Miranda Lambert's most moving hits, showcasing images of her life from her personal collection of photographs set to the backdrop of a stirring rendition of "The House that Built Me." Grainy images from throughout Tucker's childhood, the earliest memories with her own children and later pictures of her life and family scroll along with the lyrics of Lambert's song, which Tucker recorded for her new album While I'm Livin'. -- LS

Jenny Tolman, "So Pretty":

Jenny Tolman gives fans a glimpse into the more  vulnerable side of her musical personality in the new video for "So Pretty," a disarming ballad that addresses insecurity and a woman's competition with other women. In the clip, Tolman sits at a piano against a simple black backdrop, a single rose in a vase beside her.

"This video was the first time I haven't been a super-sassy character in a video, and was more vulnerable and emotional, so it was a fun challenge to show another side of Jennyville!" the singer says. -- CL

Ty Herndon, "So Small":

Ty Herndon covers Carrie Underwood's "So Small" in his moving new music video. The clip features members of The Rainbow Squad, a Nashville-based group of young people based around providing a safe space and community resources for LGBTQ+ kids.

“I knew I had to do something special with The Rainbow Squad," Herndon says. "The video represents the joy these kids have in their hearts; their stories and challenges are all different, but together the love and strength they share with each other is unbreakable.” Herndon is donating $1 for every subscriber to his Got it Covered playlist on Spotify to The Trevor Project, the leading national organization providing crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to LGBTQ young people under 25. -- LS

Paul Cauthen, "Prayed for Rain":

Filmed on one of the last family-owned cattle ranches in Texas, the music video for Paul Cauthen's "Prayed For Rain" tells the story of the dying breed of the American farmer through the eyes of a young child. Set against the dust-bowl era backdrop of a struggling ranch, the video captures the anguish of drought and the resilience of youth to overcome, a representation of the spirit of rural American agriculture. "It’s a never-giving-up kind of song. It’s an inspiration and a lesson for myself," Cauthen says of the track . -- LS

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