Kristen Kelly

Country Music 2013 Preview: New Tunes & Tours Excite Fans
Welcome to a brand-new year that promises to be filled with more country music excitement than ever before! As 2013 unfolds, there will be lots of hot new music -- including very different albums from Brad Paisley and Faith Hill -- plus cool concert tours, TV appearances and many more events taking …
Kristen Kelly, ‘He Loves to Make Me Cry’ Video
Kristen Kelly has another man on her mind in the web video for her next single, "He Loves to Make Me Cry." Don't let the title fool you -- those are happy tears she's shedding. So while the real-life inspiration behind Kristen's sassy debut single, "Ex Old M…
Kristen Kelly, ‘Ex Old Man’ Video Premiere
Artist: Kristen Kelly
Video: "Ex Old Man"
Why We Love It: "When life brings you a lemon, make some lemonade and add some vodka," Kristen jokes about her breakthrough hit, which is based on the real-life story of catching her husband (now ex-husband) cheating on her …

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