Whoever inspired Kristen Kelly's latest single, "He Loves to Make Me Cry" should give dating lessons to other guys. Those waterworks the romantic gentleman evokes are happy tears.

"Just like the other day / He came walking in / For no reason at all he had flowers in his hand / Turned on the stereo / Played our favorite song / Held me in his arms / And we danced all night long," Kristen sings in the tune she co-wrote with Paul Overstreet and Even Stevens.

In the "He Loves to Make Me Cry" video, making its debut today (March 19), the romance comes to life. As Kristen plays lounge singer, singing her soulful hit, the cameras flip to scenes of a young couple blissfully in love. Watch below.

"He Loves to Make Me Cry" follows Kristen's sassy debut single, "Ex Old Man." Both are featured on her self-titled EP, released last fall. Her full-length debut album is expected this year.