Sunny Sweeney has released her latest single 'My Bed,' a duet with Will Hoge.

The song, which comes off of Sweeney's current album 'Provoked,' tells the sad tale of a couple going through the motions; they don't seem to share anything except the same bed anymore. Sweeney penned the tune with Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley a number of years ago.

"‘My Bed’ I think was from 2008, but a lot of the other [songs on 'Provoked'], like ‘Front Row Seats,’ ‘Uninvited,’ ‘Second Guessing’ -- you can pretty much tell, actually, the point in my life in which I was when I wrote each song. It literally bridges, I think, the last record to this record," Sweeney tells The Boot. "Like, ‘You Don’t Know Your Husband,’ I’ve been joking that that’s a prequel to ‘From a Table Away,’ which was on the last record. But it’s the first song on this record, so it kinda bridges where I was writing last time in my life to where I am now in my life.

"And then toward the end of this record is ‘Used Cars,’ which is the first love song that I've ever had," she adds. "So it’s just kind of unintentionally a chronological telling of, kind of a diary sort of thing."

The Texas native is set to join Miranda Lambert for select dates on her Certified Platinum Tour beginning in March. See a list of upcoming stops at

'Provoked' is available for download via Amazon and iTunes.

Listen to Sunny Sweeney, 'My Bed' (feat. Will Hoge):