It's been more than three months since Sunny Sweeney has had a cancer stick, pardon, a cigarette. The songstress, who says she smoked "too long to even think about," can only exclaim, "Isn't that crazy?" when discussing her feat.

"I have my little electrical cigarette," the singer-songwriter tells The Boot of her secret weapon. "It's water vapor. I'm wearing a patch, too, but I'm a heavy smoker and I have not smoked in months. That electric cigarette has really helped, because for me it's the social aspect, too, not just the nicotine. I would recommend to anyone who wants to quit to try and use those. If it works for me, it's going to work for somebody else."

The singer-songwriter's other secret weapon is her groom, Jeff Hellmer. "My husband and I both quit at the same time," she explains. "In June, we made a resolution. We were like, 'Let's quit together.' I've tried by myself and he's tried by himself, so we just said we're done, but we need to pick a date, so we picked Jan. 1. New Year's Eve, we knew we'd get to drinking, which we did. [laughs] But then we quit New Year's Day. I have not smoked since then."

Next up for Sunny is a gig as the sole female on the 2012 Country Throwdown Tour with Gary Allan, Rodney Atkins, Justin Moore and several other male country acts. "I am so excited," she exclaims. "I love it when that happens. I like hanging out with guys -- I'm a guys' girl."

However, if any of the boys are planning to prank the Texas girl, she has a warning for them: "I got stuff stored up," Sunny reveals. "I hope none of them think they're going to pull any fast ones on me. They don't want to, because I've got stuff planned."

The trek will be filled with fellow singer-songwriters, one of whom Sunny has her eye on. "I'm going to pin Eric Pasley down until he writes with me," she says with a laugh. "I love him. I think he's so talented. I'm pretty sure we speak the same language. [laughs]"

Sunny and the boys hit the road May 18. Get more details on their tour here.

Watch Sunny Sing 'From a Table Away' Live
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