Sunny Sweeney has teamed up with Brennen Leigh for a timely new duet, "But You Like Country Music."

"But You Like Country Music" is sung from the point of view of a Democrat and a Republican who are neighbors and can't seem to agree on anything ... except for their love of country music. The song pokes fun at both liberals and conservatives using the stereotypes that each political party loves to throw at each other -- the former are tree-huggers and hippies, the latter are fans of Fox News and guns -- but points out that music can unite both sides of aisle.

"I was gonna keep my distance because we are so different / 'Til one day I heard you cranking up 'the Hag,'" Sweeney and Leigh sing in the chorus. "You like country music, do ya? / What if I do, what's it to ya? / Well, if you like country music, then I guess you're not so bad."

They're not bartering world peace, but Sweeney and Leigh's lighthearted lyrics will make listeners laugh no matter their political leanings. The funny, twangy song ends with Leigh asking Sweeney who she'll be voting for, with Sweeney responding, "Merle Haggard ... I thought that's what we decided on?" (Now there's a vote we can get behind!)

"But You Like Country Music" is available for download on iTunes.

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