Steel Magnolia's Meghan Linsey takes over lead vocals on the duo's latest hit, 'Bulletproof' -- fitting, considering both she and partner Joshua Scott Jones refer to it as a "chick anthem."

"Well I could stand in the middle of a thunderstorm / Holding a lightning rod on your roof / This could never shatter me / Don't smother me with sympathy / What makes you think I'm not over you / Oh, I'm bulletproof," the blonde stunner sings on the Lori McKenna/Chris Tompkins-penned tune.

"At first, I thought of it as what you might go through after a breakup -- the perfect song to listen to in your car over and over," Meghan tells The Boot. "But it's taken a different meaning, too, now that our fans are giving us feedback on it. People who are going through all kinds of hard times are finding inspiration in this song. Everyone has their own take on it."

"It's a chick anthem, yes, but it's also edgy enough that it works for guys, too," Joshua adds. "It was one of the few songs we didn't write, so we were really happy to have been offered the chance to record it, to make it our own and bring it to life."

'Bulletproof' is the fourth single from Steel Magnolia's self-titled debut album. The duo scored a deal with Big Machine Records (home of Taylor Swift & Rascal Flatts) in 2009 after winning CMT's reality competition show, 'Can You Duet?' Since then, they've scored four ACM and one CMA Award nomination, toured with Blake Shelton and Brad Paisley and saw their CD debut in the Top 3 on the country charts, among countless other career milestones over the past two years.

"To have been a musician for so long and to finally have a large following, it's so gratifying," says Joshua. "That's been the biggest highlight, and we don't take it for granted."

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